(A)   Oversight of the Plan shall include:
      (1)   Assignment of specific responsibility for implementation of the Plan;
      (2)   Review of reports prepared by staff regarding compliance; and
      (3)   Approval of material changes to the Plan as necessary to address changing risks of identity theft.
   (B)   Reports shall be prepared as follows:
      (1)   Staff responsible for development, implementation and administration of the Plan shall report to the Whiteland Utility Service Board at least annually on compliance by the organization with the Plan.
      (2)   The report shall address material matters related to the Plan and evaluate issues such as:
         (a)   The effectiveness of the policies and procedures in addressing the risk of identity theft in connection with the opening of covered accounts and with respect to existing covered accounts;
         (b)   Significant incidents involving identity theft and management's response; and
         (c)   Recommendations for material changes to the Plan.
         (d)   Appendix A, attached to Res. 09-4, may be used as a guideline for annually reporting on the programs.
(Res. 09-4, passed 10-13-09)