Pursuant to the Plan, employees should take appropriate responses to detected red flags to prevent and mitigate identity theft. The response shall be commensurate with the degree of risk posed. Appropriate responses may include:
   (A)   Monitor a covered account for evidence of identity theft;
   (B)   Contact the customer;
   (C)   Change any passwords, security codes or other security devices that permit access to a covered account;
   (D)   Reopen a covered account with a new account number;
   (E)   Not open a new covered account;
   (F)   Close existing covered account;
   (G)   Notify law enforcement by contacting the Whiteland Police Department at (317) 535-8100, or 911;
   (H)   Determine no response is warranted under the particular circumstances.
(Res. 09-4, passed 10-13-09)