The Town Council is authorized to provide for, regulate, set aside and allocate the use by persons, vehicles and animals of all public parks, playgrounds and other public places under its control but without being limited to such classifications for and into the following general classes for uses and purposes:
   (A)   Playground areas: baseball diamonds, football fields, golf courses, foot race courses, tennis and squash courts, handball alleys, softball diamonds, basketball courts, bowling greens, horseshoe courts, boating and skating watercourses, bathing beaches, swimming and wading pools and other kinds of athletic fields and recreation areas with all buildings, structures and equipment appurtenant thereto.
   (B)   Picnic areas: including roadside and park tables and outdoor ovens for eating and drinking.
   (C)   Public meeting areas. In these areas, public meetings and forums may be permitted for any lawful purpose after obtaining a permit therefor from the Council to be issued free.
   (D)   Concert and theater areas.
      (1)   The Council is hereby authorized and empowered to restrict or set aside areas of the town parks, including entire parks, upon specific and reasonably limited occasions for any of the above designated purposes or for special purposes including concerts and theatrical performances and may prohibit the use of such areas by others.
      (2)   In public meetings and forums the Council shall provide regulations to restrict the use of loudspeakers and other devices so that the sound therefrom shall cover only the area where the meeting is held and shall not annoy or unduly interfere with the use of said park for other purposes.
(Ord. 88-11, passed 10-10-88)