(A)   Except as provided in division (B), any  person, firm, or corporation violating any of the provisions of any section or division of this code of ordinances for which no other penalty is provided, or failing or neglecting or refusing to comply with same, shall, upon conviction, be guilty of a Class 3 misdemeanor and subject to a fine not to exceed $500.  No fine shall exceed $50 unless the ordinance expressly states that the maximum fine is greater than $50.
   (B)   If any person shall violate an ordinance of a county, city, or town regulating the operation or parking of vehicles, he or she shall be responsible for an infraction and shall be required to pay a penalty of not more than $50.
(G.S. § 14-4(a))
Statutory reference:
   Enforcement of ordinances, see G.S. § 160A-175