Bladen County uses and equal interval system in its approach to assign road address numbers to buildings within the county.  This requires the selection of two intersecting baselines, one running in an East-West direction and one running in a North-South direction.  A frontage interval of 28 feet is then used to assign a progression of road address numbers to buildings and properties, working out from these lines in any direction along a continuous road with this system a road address will easily convert to distance from the beginning point, (such as 1600 equals 1.6 miles).
   The base lines selected for Bladen County are the Highways US 701 North and South and NC 87 East and West.  These lines intersect at nearly the center of the county which is designated as the base point.  All road address numbers will begin at the end of road closest to the nearest base line and the base point; or in case of a dead end road at its intersection with another named road.  For continuous roads which cross a base line, they will be addressed with respect to East-West or North-South of that base line.
   All buildings will be addressed relative to their position on a named road.  Houses which are obviously facing a named road will be addressed with the number which falls closes to the front door of that building.  Buildings which are situated more than 75 feet off a named road will be addressed where their driveway intersects the named road.
   Road address numbers will be assigned every 52.8 feet from the beginning point on that particular road.  Numbers will be assigned with even numbers on the right side of the road, odd numbers on the left side of the road, as on would stand with their back toward the beginning point.
(Res. passed 11-10-1992)