As a part of Bladen County’s comprehensive Emergency E9-1-1 Telecommunications System all private roads will need to be identified and addressed.
   In order to have a systematic process to facilitate the private road naming, the following guidelines are to be followed:
   1.   A private road shall be defined as any road, lane, drive and the like which serves two or more structures (other than farm storage building) not facing any state maintained road or highway.
   2.   That the property owners submit three proposed names for their private road, in the form of a petition. The petition will indicate location of the road, contact person, telephone number, and the like.
   3.   That the petition must indicate the number of property owners on the private road in question, and that a majority of the property owners must be in agreement with the proposal.
   4.   That these petitions be examined and compared with the existing road names to ensure that no road names are duplicated.
   5.   Every effort will be made to name the road by one of the three proposed names, but in the event that all of the proposals are already being used, the contact person will be notified and other proposed names requested.
   6.   Once the name has been approved by Emergency Services (not duplicated) the petition with the proposed names will be submitted to the Board of Commissioners for formal approval.
   7.   Once the road name is approved the county will notify the contact person of the total cost of the sign(s), of which the property owner(s) will be required to pay one-half of the total cost.
   8.   The county will order and have the sign installed.
   9.   The signs for private roads will have six-inch blades, blue background with white reflective letters installed on standard SY Aluminum poles.
   10.   The monies collected from the property owner(s) will be used to help pay for these signs and will be transferred to the appropriate line item.
(Res. passed 11-10-1992)