(a)    There is established a central office responsible for the maintenance of documents which will be known as the official leave and overtime records for each employee of the City concerning benefits afforded under the salary ordinance for the following categories:
      (1)    Disability leave;
      (2)    Special leave with pay;
      (3)    Vacation leave;
      (4)    Injury leave with pay;
      (5)    Sick leave with pay;
      (6)    Pregnancy leave;
      (7)    Funeral leave;
      (8)    Other leaves of absence;
      (9)    Overtime; and
      (10)    Such other provisions that may be added by future ordinances.
   (b)    This office of record shall be located in and under the authority of the City Auditor as consistent with the requirements of Section 42(f) of the City Charter and the City Auditor is hereby directed to establish and commence maintenance of such records on August 1, 1973.
   (c)    The records to be kept as noted in subsection (a) hereof will be considered as the official records for all of the employees of the City in the various categories; however, each department may continue to maintain separate records of any of these categories as deemed appropriate by the appointing authority and/or department head.
(Ord. 64-73. Passed 7-3-73.)