125.01 DUTIES.
   The Clerk of Council shall have the duty to:
   (a)    Attend all regular and special meetings of Council and take and record minutes of the proceedings thereof;
   (b)    Upon request of the committee chairman, attend committee meetings and prepare committee reports;
   (c)    Keep all records of Council;
   (d)    Serve all notices required by statute, ordinance or resolution;
   (e)    Handle all correspondence of and to Council;
   (f)    Prepare and distribute copies of all correspondence, minutes, proposed ordinances, resolutions, by-laws and committee reports to each member of Council and to each elected official;
   (g)    Assist the City Attorney in preparing note and bond transcripts, and
   (h)    Carry out such other duties as may be required by statute, ordinance or motion duly enacted by Council.
      (1964 Code §31.51)