(a)   This Zoning Code shall be enforced by the Building Inspector or such officer as may be designated by him, who shall in no case grant any permit for the construction or alteration of any building, if the building, as proposed to be constructed or altered, would be in violation of any of the provisions of the Zoning Code.
   (b)   The Building Inspector shall periodically publish or post a list of building permit applications with their current status.
   (c)   It shall constitute a violation of the Zoning Code for any person, either owner or agent, to do any of the things mentioned in this Zoning Code without first having obtained a permit. Any permit issued upon a false statement of any fact which is material to the issuance thereof shall be void. Whenever the fact of such false statement shall be established to the satisfaction of the Building Inspector, he shall forthwith revoke the same, by notice in writing to be delivered by him to the holder of the void permit upon the premises where the violation has occurred, or, if such holder is not found there, by posting the notice of revocation in some conspicuous place upon the premises. Any person who shall proceed thereafter with such work or use without having obtained a new permit in accordance with this Code shall be deemed guilty of violation thereof. (Ord. 68-70. Passed 6-2-70.)