(a)    Every person or business firm engaging in the erection, installation or servicing of signs in the City shall obtain a sign contractor's license from the Building Inspector in accordance with Chapter 1305 of the Building Code.
   (b)    The licensed sign contractor will pay any and all damages caused by or growing out of the erecting, servicing or maintaining of any sign in an insecure, improper or careless manner or in violation of this chapter or any other ordinances of the City, to any property owner other than the owner of the building on which the sign has been erected or hung, whether such damage or injury shall be inflicted by such party or his agent, employees or workmen; the licensed sign contractor shall pay any and all damages incurred by any person by reason of any faulty, improper or careless installation of a sign; the licensed sign contractor shall save and indemnify and keep harmless the City against all liability, judgments, damages, costs and expenses which may in any way accrue against the City in consequence of the granting of such license, and shall in all things strictly comply with the conditions of the license and with the conditions of any permit which may be issued as herein provided.
   (c)    No person shall undertake or perform work of construction, installation, addition or repair of any sign equipment to represent or advertise himself, either publicly or privately, as being ready, willing or able to contract to perform such work, or undertake such work within the corporate limits without having first obtained a license as a sign contractor from the Building Inspector.
   (d)    No licensed sign contractor who has taken out a permit to construct, install, alter or repair any sign or sign structure shall transfer such permit or allow any person to construct, install, alter or repair a sign or sign structure under the authority of such permit unless the person is the direct employee of such licensed sign contractor or a qualified subcontractor thereof.
   (e)    Failure of a licensed sign contractor to comply with the requirements of this chapter and other ordinances of the City may constitute cause for suspension or revocation of his license by the Director of Public Service.
   In addition, upon receiving a complaint in writing made by any person, firm or corporation and subscribed to by such complainant, and sworn to affirmatively by the complainant before an officer or magistrate authorized to administer oaths, stating in substance facts indicating that any licensee as a licensed sign contractor has done any of the things hereinbefore mentioned, which constitute cause for the suspension or revocation of his license, the Building Inspector shall cause a copy of such complaint to be served by registered mail, on such licensee complained of, together with a notice of the date upon which such complaint will be heard by the Director of Public Service.
(Ord. 013-2018. Passed 3-6-18.)