1127.04 EXEMPTIONS. 
   The following types of signs are exempted from all the provisions of this chapter, except for construction and safety regulations and the following standards:
   (a)    Public Signs. Signs of a noncommercial nature and in the public interest, erected by, or on the order of a public officer in the performance of his public duty, such as directional signs, regulatory signs, warning signs and informational - signs.
   (b)    Temporary Signs. Temporary signs announcing any public, charitable, educational or religious event or function, a commercial grand opening located entirely within the premises of that institution and set back no less than ten feet from the property line up to a sign area of twenty-four square feet.
      (1)    Such signs, other than commercial grand openings, shall be allowed no more than twenty-one days prior to the event or function. Commercial grand opening signs shall be allowed for not more than seven days prior to or during the event, but not later than sixty days after the start of business.
      (2)    Such signs may be illuminated in accordance with the restrictions set forth in Section 1127.07.
      (3)    If building mounted, these signs shall be flat wall signs and shall not project above the roof line.
      (4)    If ground mounted, the top shall be no more than six feet above ground level.
   (c)    Integral Signs. Names of buildings, dates of erection, monumental citations, commemorative tablets and the like, when carved into stone, concrete or similar material or made of bronze, aluminum or other permanent type construction and made an integral part of the structure.
   (d)    Private Traffic Direction Signs. Signs directing traffic movement onto or within a premises, not exceeding eight square feet in area, for each sign.
      (1)    Illumination of these signs shall conform to Section 1127.07, except that standard traffic signal light devices may be used if needed.
      (2)    Horizontal directional signs on and flush with paved areas are exempt from these standards.
   (e)    Real Estate Signs. Temporary real estate signs not exceeding six square feet in area located on the subject property and limited to one such sign for each frontage of a home, lot, parcel or tract under two acres in area.
      (1)    Signs shall be removed within seven days of the sale.
      (2)    Temporary real estate directional signs not exceeding three square feet in area and four in number showing a directional arrow and placed behind the property line shall be permitted on approach routes to an open house.
      (3)    The top of such signs shall not exceed three feet in height.
   (f)    Political Campaign Signs. Signs announcing candidates seeking public office and other data pertinent thereto shall be permitted with the following restrictions:
      (1)    Political signs shall not be posted within the public right of way or on utility poles.
      (2)    Political signs shall be removed within seven days after the election for which they were intended.
   (g)    Drive-In Menu Signs. Menus, price lists and similar types of graphics which are intended for communication to on-premises customers only and not utilized as a general advertisement or means of communication to passing traffic or the public in general.
   (h)    Rear Door Identification Signs. On multiple tenant buildings, nonilluminated flat wall signs not exceeding four square feet in area, containing only the name and address of the business.
(Ord. 013-2018. Passed 3-6-18.)