In all cases of use districts, no structure shall exceed thirty-five feet except:
   (a)    The building height limitations of this Zoning Code shall not apply to church spires, belfries, cupolas, domes, monuments, water towers, chimneys, flues or flag poles, except where such may be deemed to interfere with aerial navigation. In all such cases, the height and location of such objects shall be adjudicated by the Planning Commission in collaboration with the proper aeronautical authorities;
   (b)    The building height limitation of this Zoning Code shall not apply to parapet walls extending not more than four feet above the limiting height of the building on which it rests. The height limitations shall not apply to bulkheads, elevators, one story penthouses, water tanks or similar structures, provided that such structure shall not have an aggregate area greater than twenty percent of the roof area;
   (c)    Structures in Planned Apartment Districts; and
   (d)    Structures in an Exceptional Use District.
      (Ord. 68-70. Passed 6-2-70; Ord. 34-95. Passed 6-6-95.)