(a)   In all zoning districts, except for Aresidential" structures as defined by Section 933.01(f), trash and refuse containers one-half cubic yard or larger shall be located in the rear lot of the property unless access to the rear of the lot is physically impractical. Any person, property owner, occupant or other individual, corporation or other entity seeking to place a trash or refuse container at any location other than the rear of the property must obtain the consent of the Director of Public Service.
   (b)   Trash and refuse containers shall be concealed in a solid enclosure consisting of at least three walls with a minimum of six feet in height, and a gate or overhead door to completely screen the view of rubbish or garbage or recycled material from the view of the general public or surrounding properties. Requests for exceptions to this requirement must be submitted in writing to and be approved in writing by the Director of Public Service. Exceptions approved by the Director of Public Service must provide screening (fencing or greenery) that is adequate to keep trash and refuse containers from view of the general public or surrounding properties. No exceptions shall be made to the solid enclosure requirement for nonresidential properties where new construction is involved.
(Ord. 7-98. Passed 3-3-98.)
   (c)   In the event the Director of Public Service denies the applicant permission to locate the trash or refuse container at the location requested by the applicant, or if the applicant feels alternative screening requirements imposed are too stringent, the applicant may appeal any noncompliance citation to the Board of Zoning and Building Appeals.
   (d)   The Director of Public Service shall implement and enforce compliance with this section effective upon its passage and at the earliest date as prescribed by law. A pre-existing condition in place on the effective date of this section shall be remedied at the earliest practical time to produce full compliance before September 1, 2020.
   (e)   Penalty provision for noncompliance with this section shall be as provided for by Section 933.99 of the Codified Ordinances.
(Ord. 45-93. Passed 8-17-93; Ord. 34-95. Passed 6-6-95; Ord. 005-2020. Passed 2-18-20.)