In order to provide for the public safety, convenience, comfort, prosperity and general welfare, parking must be provided off the street in all business districts and because of the heavy traffic on East Broad Street, a through thoroughfare and State highway, it is necessary that extensive open spaces be provided along East Broad Street, to allow persons having business along such street to park their cars off the street and safely leave and enter such street. Therefore, no person shall erect any building closer to the front lot line of the lot, upon which the building is located, than 100 feet, in the area along the north side of East Broad Street, beginning at the west corporation line of the City, or closer to the front line of the lot than sixty-seven feet, in the area extending from a point 262.44 feet west of the west line of the entrance to the Defense Construction Supply Center eastwardly to the Defense Construction Supply Center. Likewise no person shall erect any building on the south side of East Broad Street from the west corporation line to Robinwood Avenue, closer than seventy-five feet to the present south curb line of East Broad Street. (Ord. 68-70. Passed 6-2-70.)