(a)    Purpose. The Apartment District (A-1) is established to accommodate two, three and four-family dwellings and townhouses at a density that will be similar to that which already exists in the areas so defined. The object of this district is to allow continuance, redevelopment or limited expansion of existing apartment areas in areas appropriate for such development and to allow for a choice of dwelling structure types and densities.
   (b)    Permitted Uses. The permitted uses are:
      (1)    Two, three and four-family dwellings or dwelling groups, comprised of buildings containing not more than four dwelling units in any one building.
      (2)    Townhouses.
      (3)    Accessory uses, as regulated in Section 1124.02, provided such uses are incidental to the principal use. Such uses must be situated on the same lot with the principal building.
   (c)    Special Permit Uses. The special permit uses are:
      (1)    Public, parochial and private schools offering primary and secondary general education courses, having no rooms regularly used for housing or sleeping of students as regulated by Section 1124.11.
      (2)    Parks and playgrounds and playfields open to the public without fee.
      (3)    Churches or other places of worship.
      (4)    Public utility rights of way, telecommunication towers and pertinent structures.
      (5)    Governmentally owned and/or operated buildings and facilities.
      (6)    Community or neighborhood recreation centers and/or swimming clubs.
   (d)    Area and Height Regulations.
      (1)   Lot area and coverage. No lot or combination of lots in this district shall be less than 40,000 square feet and shall not be covered more than twenty-five percent by structure and off-street parking spaces.
For each two-family dwelling, there shall be a lot area not less than 7,500 square feet.
For each dwelling unit containing more than two in a structure, there shall be a lot area not less than 3,630 square feet of lot area per dwelling unit, a maximum density of 12 units per acre.
      (2)    Lot width. For a two-family dwelling there shall be a lot width of 75 feet or more at the front line of the dwelling, and for each dwelling unit more than two there shall be required an additional 10 feet of lot widths However, such lot width at the front line of the dwelling shall not be required to exceed 150 feet. Such lot shall have access to and abut on a public right of way for a distance of 35 feet or more.
      (3)    Minimum floor area. The minimum finished floor area per dwelling unit shall be as follows:
Dwelling Unit
Square Feet
No bedroom
One bedroom
Two bedroom
         plus 125 square feet for each additional bedroom.
      (4)    Maximum building height. The maximum building height shall be 35 feet.
      (5)    Area Regulations. Area regulations shall be as regulated by Chapter 1125 .
      (6)    Parking, loading and garages. Parking, loading and garage regulations shall be as regulated by Chapter 1126 .
      (7)    Signs. Signs shall be as regulated by Chapter 1127 .
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