(a)    Purpose. The Residential District (R-2) is established to accommodate single-family residential dwellings at a density that will be similar to that which already exists in the areas so defined. The object in this district is to discourage large concentrations of intensive development where it is desirable to maintain the suburban character of the area.
   (b)    Permitted Uses. The permitted uses are:
      (1)    Single-family residential dwellings.
      (2)    Accessory uses, as regulated in Section 1124.02 , provided such uses are incidental to the principal use. Such uses must be situated on the same lot with the principal building.
   (c)    Special Permit Uses. The special permit uses are:
      (1)    Public, parochial and private schools offering primary and secondary general education courses, having no rooms regularly used for housing or sleeping of students as regulated by Section 1124.11.
      (2)    Parks and playgrounds and playfields open to the public without fee.
      (3)    Public utility rights of way, telecommunication towers and pertinent structures.
      (4)   Churches or other places of worship.
   (d)    Area and Height Regulations. The area and height regulations are:
      (1)    Minimum lot area, 11,250 square feet.
      (2)    Minimum frontage, 85 feet.
      (3)    Minimum net floor area for living quarters, 1,400 square feet (Foundation area, 1,000 square feet minimum).
      (4)    Maximum building height, 35 feet.
      (5)    Area regulations, as regulated by Chapter 1125.
      (6)    Parking, loading and garages, as regulated by Chapter 1126.
      (7)    Signs, as regulated by Chapter 1127.
         (Ord. 68-70. Passed 6-2-70; Ord. 34-95. Passed 6-6-95; Ord. 31-06. Passed 5-2-06; Ord. 91-2012. Passed 1-2-13.)