1111.04 DRAINAGE. 
   (a)    Generally. The Planning Commission shall not approve any subdivision having inadequate storm drainage or other physical drainage impairment as determined by the City Engineer. In areas known to be subject to periodic floods, such drainage improvements must be made so as to satisfy the aforementioned public officers in order that the safety, health and welfare of the people will be protected.
   (b)    Protection of Drainage Courses. No natural drainage courses shall be altered and no fill, buildings or structures shall be placed in it unless provisions are made for the flow of water in a manner satisfactory to the City Engineer. An easement shall be provided on both sides of an existing important surface drainage course adequate for the purpose of protecting, widening, deepening, enclosing or otherwise improving such stream for drainage purposes. All drainage ditch swales should be enclosed when ordered by the Commission.
   (c)    Lot Drainage. A master grade plan shall be prepared for all subdivisions and shall be presented to the Mayor for review and approval by the City Engineer. The grading plan shall show the existing topography, the proposed street grades and the proposed storm sewers with pipe sizes and grades. It shall also show the proposed elevation at each lot corner, the proposed finish grades at the house and shall delineate the method of rear yard drainage by showing proposed swales and direction of surface slope by arrows. The grading plan shall follow the standards as established for such grading by the Federal Housing Administration.
   Whenever possible, with exceptions being made where the topography of an area does not permit such grading practice, lots shall be graded from the rear lot line to the street. Where a lot abuts directly on two streets, the grade shall be from the corner of the lot which is diagonally opposed to the corner of the two streets on which the lot abuts. This regulation is included in a desire to reduce the amount of water standing in yards to a minimum. Therefore, where it is not possible to grade a lot in the prescribed manner, the owner or developer shall provide for the adequate drainage of any and all low areas and tie such drainage into and make it a part of the storm sewer system of the development and the City as directed by the City Engineer, with approval of such drainage subject to inspection by the City Engineer along with the inspection of other storm sewer installations.
(Ord. 45-66. Passed 6-21-66.)