(a)    No driveway or curb cut in any Residential District shall exceed twenty-five feet in width, and in any other district no driveway shall exceed forty feet in width. Detail plans shall be submitted for Department of Public Service approval for all curb cuts or driveway openings in Commercial and Industrial Districts before a permit may be obtained therefor. In Commercial and Industrial Districts the maximum curb cut for the radius or flare for a driveway shall be eighty feet. In the event the Director of Public Service fails to approve the plans for a curb cut, the Development Review Committee shall review the proposed flares and radiuses of the curb cut.
   (b)    The width of driveways as prescribed in this section refers to the width of the straight portion of the driveway and an additional width of three feet on each side of the driveway shall be included in the curb cut width on the entrance to same from the public street or alley, such curb to extend back not further than the sidewalk line nearest to such public street or alley. This curb cut shall not be less than four feet from the side property line.
(Ord. 27-85. Passed 5-7-85.)