(a)   Discriminatory Practices Prohibited. The provider shall not deny service, deny access, or otherwise discriminate against subscribers, programmers or general citizens on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, or age. The provider shall comply at all times with all other applicable federal, state and City laws, and all executive and administrative orders relating to nondiscrimination.
   (b)   Subscriber Privacy.
      (1)   The provider, the City, and any other person or organization utilizing the system, shall strictly observe, protect, and ensure the privacy and property rights of subscribers and shall comply with all applicable law regarding privacy. To the extent allowed by law, any information with regard to viewing or other information related to individual subscribers in the possession of the City shall not be deemed to be a public record.
      (2)   The provider shall comply with all applicable federal and state privacy laws to protect subscriber privacy.
         (Ord. 30-07. Passed 4-3-07.)