739.05 BOND. 
   In addition to the license fee required by Section 739.04 , the Director of Public Service, before issuing a transient merchant's license, shall require a bond in the amount of three hundred dollars ($300.00) which shall be posted either in cash, money order or certified check made payable to the City. The condition of the bond shall be that upon the expiration of this license, if the applicant has not complied with all the terms, conditions and provisions of the ordinances of the City, including the regulations of the Health Department, and any laws of the State governing the sale of such merchandise, including clean-up of the premises after the applicant has left, then only the unused portion, if any, shall be returned. Furthermore, the remaining portion, if any, of such bond shall be returned only after the applicant has filed a City income tax return and paid the required taxes. (Ord. 030-2015. Passed 6-16-15.)