(a)    The City may subscribe to one or more telephone lines for burglar alarms or for similar purposes. When any line is designated as provided for by this Chapter, all interested persons may, upon proper application and compliance with applicable laws, be granted a permit to install a device or devices which automatically select the designated telephone line with the purpose of playing a recorded message or to otherwise report a robbery in progress, burglary, vandalism, unauthorized intrusion, fire or medical emergency.
   (b)    No person shall use or cause to be used any telephone device or telephone attachment that automatically selects any telephone line allocated by the telephone company to the City or any of its departments or divisions without prior notification to and approval of the Director. Failure to provide such timely notice shall render the person, business or alarm company liable to the provisions of Section 715.99 
   (c)    In the event that public safety numbers are changed or an alarm line is designated, all automatic dialing devices shall be reprogrammed to use the designated telephone line within ten days of notification of the designation by the Mayor. Additionally, the message format shall be approved by the Director in advance of installing such message or program. Pre-recorded messages will be delivered no more than three times and then the call will be terminated. Failure to comply will be grounds for revocation of permit.
(Ord. 43-92. Passed 7-21-92.)