(a)    No person shall be the owner, keeper or harborer or person in charge of any dog over three months of age after January 20 of any year, or brought from outside the State at any time during the year without first registering such dog as required by Ohio R.C. Chapter 955.
   (b)    Failure to display the tag issued in connection with the registration required by Ohio R. C. Chapter 955, on a dog's collar, harness, leash or similar device shall be prima-facie evidence of lack of registration and shall subject any dog not wearing such tag to impoundment.
   (c)    No prosecution for a violation of this section shall take place until at least three days after the owner, keeper, harborer or person having charge of any dog has been notified in writing of an alleged violation and has failed to demonstrate compliance with such sections to the satisfaction of the Franklin County Animal Control Board and/or the City.
(ORC 955.16; Ord. 055-2021. Passed 7-20-21.)