15-1-12: PROCEDURES:
In order that all parties be afforded due process of law:
   A.   Any inquiry, proceeding, investigation or other action taken or proposed to be taken by the city affecting operation of the company's cable television system, shall be taken only after:
      1.   The minimum legally required public notice is published in a local newspaper having general circulation in the city (and in the absence of any such requirement, the notice shall be published at least ten (10) days prior to the date of the proposed action); and
      2.   A written summary of such action or proposed action is served on the company at least ten (10) days prior to the proposed action; and
      3.   The company has been given an opportunity to respond, in writing, and at any hearing held by the city.
   B.   The public notice required by this section shall state clearly the action or proposed action to be taken, the time provided for response and the person or persons in authority to whom such responses should be addressed, and such other procedures as may be specified by the city. If a hearing is to be held, the public notice shall give the date and time of such hearing, whether public participation will be allowed and the procedures by which such participation may be obtained. The company shall be an indispensable party to any proceedings conducted in regard to its operations.
   C.   Failure to follow the procedures set out in this section will render the action, as to the company, null and void and shall have no effect whatsoever upon the rights granted to the company by this franchise. (Ord. A-408, 5-2-1982)