In order that the city shall be protected:
   A.   The company shall at all times hold the city harmless from all claims, liability or damage of every kind and description (herein collectively referred to as claims) including court costs and reasonable attorney's fees, which may arise out of the sole negligence of the company in the ownership, construction, maintenance or operation of the cable television system within the city; provided that the city shall give the company prompt written notice of any claims filed against it. The company shall have the right to defend, settle or compromise any claims arising hereunder.
   B.   The company shall maintain in full force and effect during the life of this franchise, public liability insurance in an insurance company authorized to do business in the state of Montana, in the amount of at least:
      1.   $500,000.00 property damage in any one accident;
      2.   $500,000.00 for personal injury to any one person;
      3.   $750,000.00 for personal injury in any one accident. (Ord. A-408, 5-2-1982)