A.   The company is hereby authorized, at its own discretion, to extend its cable television system within the franchise area to the extent that such extension is or may become technically and economically feasible.
   B.   Whenever the company shall have received written requests for service from at least fifteen (15) subscribers within four hundred (400) cable meters (1,300 cable feet) of its aerial trunk cable, or from at least twenty five (25) subscribers within four hundred (400) cable meters (1,300 cable feet) of its underground trunk cable, it shall extend the cable television system to such subscribers solely for the usual connection and service fees for all subscribers, provided that such extension is technically and economically feasible. The four hundred (400) meters shall be measured in extension length of company's cable required for service located within the public way or easement and shall not include length of necessary drop to the subscriber's home or premises.
   C.   No person in the company's service area shall be arbitrarily refused service; but in recognition of the capital costs involved in unusual circumstances, including, without limitation, instances when the distance from distribution cable to connection or service to subscribers is more than forty five (45) meters (150 cable feet) or when a subscriber density exists less than the density specified hereinabove, services may be made available on the basis of costs of materials, labor and easements, in order to prevent inequitable burdens on subscribers in more densely populated areas. (Ord. A-408, 5-2-1982)