For the purpose of these regulations, certain terms and words are hereby defined as follows:
   A.   Words used in the present tense include the future, words in the singular include the plural and words in the plural include the singular; the word "shall" is mandatory and not permissive; the word "person" includes individuals, partnerships, corporations, clubs or associations. The following words or terms, when applied in these regulations, shall carry full force when used interchangeably: lot, plot, parcel or premises; used, arranged, occupied or maintained; sold or dispensed; construct, reconstruct, erect, alter (structurally or otherwise), but not the term maintenance.
   B.   The various terms or words used in these regulations are defined in the following section.
   C.   Where there appears to be a conflict between the content of the text of these regulations and any definition given in this chapter, the text shall control.
   D.   If any question of definition arises for a term that is not provided for in these regulations, the Zoning Administrator shall request a definition from the Planning Board who may determine an appropriate definition with the counsel of the City Attorney if need be. That definition shall then be held to be the official definition of that term until a formal amendment to these regulations, including that term and definition, is put forth and adopted. (Ord. A-407, 3-15-1982)