The following property development standards shall apply to land and buildings within this district:
Minimum lot area:
Single-family dwelling or duplex
6,000 square feet
Triplex dwelling or larger
2,000 square feet additional for the first dwelling unit in excess of two-family, 1,000 square feet for each additional dwelling unit in excss of three family
Minimum sublot area
2,000 square feet
Minimum lot width
50 feet
Minimum sublot width
25 feet
Minimum yard spaces:
20 feet
10 feet
Triplex or larger
15 feet
15 feet
Wisconsin Avenue setback
35 feet from the Wisconsin Avenue right- of-way
Maximum height
35 feet
Permitted lot coverage
40 percent maximum
Off street parking
See chapter 6 of this title
For mixed use professional/residential uses, pursuant to section 11-2I-3 of this article:
•   Residential located entirely on an upper level(s) above street level professional offices, 1 off street parking space per unit must be provided; and
•   Professional office a maximum of 3 off street parking spaces per 1,000 square feet gross floor area
Accessory buildings
Accessory buildings conforming to the definition in section 11-9-2 of this title are allowed subject to the standards set forth in section 11-3-2 of this title. Accessory buildings with footprints not exceeding 600 square feet must be set back a minimum of 6 feet from side and rear property lines that do not border a street, lake, any intermittent or perennial stream, or the front 1/2 of any adjoining lot. Setbacks for accessory buildings with footprints exceeding 600 square feet must be the same as those for the principal structure
See chapter 4 of this title (single-family and duplex uses exempted)
(Ord. 02-30, 6-16-2003; amd. Ord. 03-21, 9-2-2003; Ord. 05-25, 11-21-2005; Ord. 07-03, 1-16-2007; Ord. 19-14, 7-1-2019; Ord. 23-13, 8-21-2023)