A.   These zoning regulations are adopted with the intent and purpose of:
      1.   Implementing and promoting the master plan;
      2.   Lessening congestion in the streets and providing safe access to streets from private property;
      3.   Securing safety from fire, panic and other dangers;
      4.   Promoting the public interest, health, comfort, convenience, safety, and general welfare;
      5.   Providing adequate light and air;
      6.   Preventing the overcrowding of land;
      7.   Avoiding undue concentration of population;
      8.   Facilitating the adequate provision of transportation, water, sewerage, schools, parks and other public requirements;
      9.   Giving reasonable consideration to the character of the district;
      10.   Giving consideration to the peculiar suitability of the property for particular uses;
      11.   Protecting and conserving the value of buildings;
      12.   Encouraging the most appropriate use of land throughout the community by assuring orderly community growth.
   B.   In its interpretation and application, the provisions of these regulations shall be held to be minimum requirements. (Ord. A-407, 3-15-1982)
   C.   The city council is authorized to grant, conditionally grant or deny an application for a special event permit involving the temporary waiver of a specific zoning jurisdiction regulation for a specific property or properties within the Whitefish zoning jurisdiction. The city council shall utilize the notification process and review criteria established in section 11-7-8 of this title in the granting of the request. In no case shall the temporary waiver be granted for more than ten (10) calendar days for any specific application. Each individual or entity is limited to three (3) applications per year. (Ord. 07-31, 10-1-2007)