A.   Installation Required: The owner and/or developer of any new subdivisions or areas within the city planned for the construction of new homes or commercial buildings shall, prior to the commencement of construction, install or cause to be installed a fire hydrant or fire hydrants, size, model and/or type approved by the city council, within three hundred feet (300') of all the proposed construction so as to provide adequate fire protection during the period of construction of such homes or commercial buildings.
   B.   Location: Fire hydrants shall be so located, with the approval of the city council, so as to ensure that there will be at least one fire hydrant within three hundred feet (300') of each home and/or commercial building.
   C.   Fitting Specifications: Fire hydrants installed for subdivisions and areas planned for the construction of in excess of four (4) homes or family units shall provide and be fitted with at least one 6-inch steamer fitting outlet and two (2) 21/2- inch outlets.
   D.   Designation On Plats Required: All subdivision plats for new subdivisions shall show the location of each such fire hydrant as well as the location of all water and sewer lines and taps within such subdivision. (Ord. A-318, 11-21-1977)