Any person occupying property in the city, of which occupant is not the owner, shall forthwith, upon demand of the fire chief or his designee, advise and inform the fire chief or his designee of the name and address of the owner or person in charge of the property, under whose authority he occupies the same, and failure or refusal so to do shall make the occupant of the property subject to the misdemeanor penalties, provided in the general penalty in section 1-4-1 of this code to the same degree and extent as though the occupant were the owner of the property. Such person shall also be deemed to have committed a municipal infraction, and shall be assessed the civil penalty set forth in section 1-4-4 of this code. For each separate incident, the city shall elect to treat the violation as a misdemeanor or a municipal infraction, but not both. If a violation is repeated, the city may treat the initial violation as a misdemeanor and the repeat violation as a municipal infraction, or vice versa. (Ord. 09-20, 10-19-2009)