The words and phrases herein used, unless the same are clearly contrary to or inconsistent with the context of the ordinance or of the section in which used, shall be construed as follows:
ARTERIAL HIGHWAY: That portion of Spokane Avenue from the south city limits to Second Street, and that portion of Second Street from Spokane Avenue to the west city limits.
COMMERCIAL VEHICLES: A motor vehicle or other vehicle designed for the carrying of freight or merchandise.
CROSSWALK: The area included in extension of sidewalk lines at all intersections.
CURB: The boundary of that portion of the street open to the public for the use of vehicles.
DOUBLE PARKING: The standing of a vehicle upon a street alongside of or parallel to another vehicle which is parked at the curb.
DRIVER: Applies to the rider, driver or leader of any animal or a person who pushes, draws, propels, operates or who is in charge of a vehicle.
EMERGENCY VEHICLE: Applies to fire department apparatus, police patrols or ambulances.
INDIVIDUAL PARKING SPACE: A portion of the surface of a public street or highway of sufficient length and depth from the sidewalk curb to accommodate a vehicle to be parked, and shall be specified and marked off by the street department of the city.
INTERSECTION: The space where streets or avenues or both intersect, bounded by an extension of the curb lines of the intersecting streets or avenues or both.
LIMITED PARKING ZONE OR RESTRICTED PARKING AREA: Those areas within the city, where parking is in any way restricted or prohibited to an extent greater than ordinary parking zones or areas.
MOTOR VEHICLE: Includes all vehicles propelled by any power other than muscular power, except road rollers, traction engines and railroad cars, and motor cars running upon stationary rails or tracks.
MOTORCYCLE: A motor vehicle having but two (2) wheels in contact with the ground and a saddle on which the operator sits astride, or a platform on which he stands, and bicycles having a motor attached thereto, and a driving wheel in contact with the ground in addition to the wheels of the vehicle itself, but a motorcycle may carry one or more attachments in the seat for the conveyance of a passenger.
OPERATOR: Any person who operates or drives a motor vehicle.
PARKING: Includes any standing of a vehicle upon any public highway of the city, without regard to the length of time, and whether at an angle to the curb or parallel thereto, or in the highway away from the curb, whether the engine is running or not, and whether or not someone is in the vehicle capable of moving the same.
THROUGH STREET: Any street or avenue, or any portion of any street or avenue where motor vehicles are required to come to a stop before entering such street or avenue.
TRAILER: Any vehicle which is attached to another vehicle for the purpose of being drawn or propelled by such other vehicle.
TRANSPORTATION NETWORK COMPANY: Any company that provides prearranged transportation services for compensation using an on-line application or platform to connect drivers using their personal vehicles with passengers.
VEHICLE: Includes all carriages moving on land, whether on wheels or runners, and whether drawn or pushed or propelled by animals or humans, or propelled by motive power, excepting a baby carriage. (Ord. A-85, 12-5-1955; amd. 2003 Code; Ord. 20-09, 6-1-2020)