A.   Display Of License: The city license, issued pursuant to the provisions of this chapter, shall be conspicuously displayed in such a manner that a city official may observe the same upon entering the licensee's place of business.
   B.   Licensee Subject To Regulations: Every person licensed under the provisions of this chapter shall be subject to regulation, inspection, control and supervision under the general police power of the city and of all of the provisions of this code and ordinances of the city now in force, or which may hereafter be adopted, in aid of such police power and regulation. Nothing in this chapter contained creates any vested right in any person to the assignment, renewal, reissuance or continuance of any license.
   C.   Separate License For Each Business And Location: Except as otherwise provided, a separate license must be procured and fee paid when a license is required by the provisions of this chapter, for each business and business location. (Ord. 10-18, 12-6-2010)