Dangerous and Vicious Dogs
508.01   Purpose and intent.
508.02   Definitions.
508.03   Strict liability provisions.
508.04   Alternative procedure for declaring a dog dangerous or vicious.
508.05   Notification of dangerous or vicious dog declaration.
508.06   Appeal from dangerous or vicious dog declaration.
508.07   Keeping of dangerous and vicious dogs.
508.08   Permit and tag required for a dangerous or vicious dog.
508.09   Notification of intent to impound/hearing.
508.10   Immediate impoundment.
508.11   Destruction.
508.12   Court order to remove or destroy animals.
508.13   Appeal from order.
508.14   Change of ownership.
508.15   Continuation of dangerous or vicious dog declaration.
508.16   Severability.
Keeping vicious dogs - see W. Va. Code §19-20 et seq.
Dogs and cats - see GEN. OFF. Art. 507