Uninhabitable Structures
1722.01   Application.
1722.02   Definitions.
1722.03   Abatement of buildings determined to be public nuisances.
1722.04   Uninhabitable structures as public nuisance.
1722.05   Standards for abatement.
1722.06   Duties of Building Codes Official.
1722.07   Powers of Building Codes Official.
1722.08   Right of entry.
1722.09   Report of proceedings and recommendations to Council.
1722.10   Assessment and lien on property affected; civil action.
1722.11   Service of notices, complaints and orders.
1722.12   Hearings and appeals.
1722.99   Penalty.
Power to abate public nuisances - see W.  Va.  Code 8-12-5(23)
Repair and demolition of uninhabitable structures - see W.  Va.  Code 8-12-16