1-11-1: Organization Of Court
1-11-2: Definitions
1-11-3: Jurisdiction Of Court
1-11-4: Judge Of The Court
1-11-5: Chief Of Police
1-11-6: Clerk Of The Court
1-11-7: Prosecuting Attorney
1-11-8: Rules Of Court
1-11-9: Conduct Of Sessions Of Court; Notice
1-11-10: Written Complaints To Prosecute Violations
1-11-11: Traffic Violations; Citation Issuance; Arrest
1-11-12: Payment Of Fines For Traffic Violations
1-11-13: Summons For Arrest
1-11-14: Form Of Arrest Warrant
1-11-15: Procedures For Bail Or Bond
1-11-16: Traffic Bail Bond Procedures
1-11-17: Arraignment And Pleadings By Defendant
1-11-18: Trials And Judgments
1-11-19: Trial By Jury And Waiver
1-11-20: Jurors And Jury Trial Procedures
1-11-21: Witness Fees
1-11-22: Sentencing; Powers Of Judge
1-11-23: Imprisonment; Work By Prisoners
1-11-24: Contempt Of Court
1-11-25: Assessment Of Fines And Costs
1-11-25-1: Assignment Of Municipal Fines
1-11-26: Payment Of Fine; Incarceration; Medical Issues; Booking Fee
1-11-27: Court Fund Created; Fees For Indigent Defendants