A.   Public Ways And Property: The provisions of this title shall apply to every street, highway, alley, roadway, sidewalk, driveway, park area, every other public way either within or outside the corporate limits of the City, the use of which the City has jurisdiction and authority to regulate, including, but not limited to:
      1.   Those dedicated to or acquired by the public for public use.
      2.   Those upon land owned by the City.
      3.   Those upon land owned by any other governmental unit, but the regulation of the use of which has been given to the City.
      4.   Those upon private property, the regulation of the use of which has been given to the City. (1983 Code § 15-102)
   B.   Pushcarts, Animals And Animal Drawn Vehicles: Every person propelling any pushcart or riding an animal upon a roadway, and every person driving any animal drawn vehicle shall be subject to the provisions of this title applicable to the driver of any vehicle, except those provisions of this title which by their very nature can have no application. (1983 Code § 15-111)
   C.   Authorized Emergency Vehicles: The provisions of this title shall not apply to a driver of an authorized emergency vehicle when responding to an emergency call or when in the pursuit of an actual or suspected violator of the law or when responding to, but not upon returning from, a fire alarm. The exemptions herein granted to an authorized emergency vehicle shall apply only when the driver of the vehicle while in motion sounds audible signal by bell, siren, or exhaust whistle as may be reasonably necessary, or of flashing red or blue lights or a combination of flashing red and blue lights; except that an authorized emergency vehicle operated as a police vehicle need not be equipped with or display a red or blue light visible from in front of the vehicle. These provisions shall not relieve the driver of an authorized emergency vehicle from the duty to drive with due regard for the safety of all persons, nor shall such provisions protect the driver from the consequences of his reckless disregard for the safety of others. (1983 Code § 15-113; amd. 2005 Code)