A.   Duties, Generally: The fire chief shall be at the head of the department, subject to the laws of the state, ordinances of the city, and the rules and regulations herein adopted. The chief shall be held responsible for the general condition and efficient operation of the department, the training of members, and the performance of all other duties imposed upon him. He shall have the following duties:
      1.   To inspect or cause to be inspected by members of the department, the fire hydrants, cisterns, and other sources of water supply at least twice each year to determine their readiness and availability for firefighting.
      2.   To maintain a library or file of publications on fire prevention and fire protection and shall make use of it to the best advantage of all members.
      3.   To make every effort to attend all fires and direct the officers and members in the performance of their duties.
      4.   To see that the citizens are kept informed on fire hazards in the community and on the activities of the department.
      5.   To see that each fire is carefully investigated to determine its cause, and in the case of suspicion of incendiarism shall notify proper authorities and secure and preserve all possible evidence for future use in the case. (1983 Code § 13-202)
   B.   Additional Duties And Powers:
      1.   The chief shall have full power and command over all persons at fires and may adopt any measures that he shall deem most advisable to extinguish fires or for the care and protection of property endangered thereby, and shall have power to summon any and all persons present to his aid in extinguishing any fire or caring for personal property in case of fire.
      2.   The fire chief shall report to the city administrator any necessary repairs, alterations or improvements to the fire apparatus or the stations and estimate their probable cost and shall superintend the same. (1983 Code § 13-203)