§ 51.04  EQUIPMENT.
   (A)   Contractor’s equipment.
      (1)   The contractor shall provide, use and maintain solely at the contractor’s expense an adequate number of waste removal vehicles. Contractors shall be required to keep said vehicles in good repair and appearance and in a sanitary condition at all times. Said vehicles and equipment used by the contractor shall be designed so as not to allow collected refuse and recycled material to be spilled or blown from said vehicles.
      (2)   Each vehicle or piece used by the contractor shall have clearly visible on the sides thereof the name and the local or toll free telephone number of the contractor. The contractor shall provide to the town detailed inventories and certificates of insurance coverage naming the town and the town as an additional insured for all of their vehicles and equipment. Said inventories shall include type, model and year of manufacture of vehicles and equipment and whether said vehicles and equipment are owned or leased by the contractor.
   (B)   Town’s equipment. The contractor agrees to aid the town in divesting the town of the equipment currently in use for the same services as provided in this agreement.
(Ord. 14-5-2014, passed 5-12-2014)