(A)   The following substances (which shall hereinafter be referred to in this section as “Prohibited Substance” or “Prohibited Substances”) threaten the sanitary sewer system and shall not be allowed to be discharged, directly or indirectly, into any public sanitary sewer:
      (1)   Steam exhaust or blow off;
      (2)   Any substance, liquid, dissolvable solid, refuse or waste containing naphtha, gasoline or other flammable liquids;
      (3)   Refuse or waste from butcher shops, rendering establishments, packing houses and other industrial establishments. All such establishments are required to have a form of catch basin or grated shop basin to catch the refuse or waste;
      (4)   Sand and inflammable waste from car washes, vehicle service facilities or other such uses. All such uses are required to have a stand waste trap interceptor;
      (5)   Fats, oils and greases of animal or vegetable origin; or
      (6)   Refuse, solid or liquid, of any character, quality or nature that will unreasonably interfere with the ordinary treatment processes of any sewage treatment plant used by the city.
   (B)   The use of chemical or biological agents, physical methods or any other means to dissolve, liquefy, suspend, disperse, emulsify or otherwise cause any prohibited substance to be discharged, directly or indirectly, into the sanitary sewer system is prohibited.
   (C)   No refuse or solids of any sort obstructive to the flow of wastewater may be placed, thrown or allowed to enter any public sewer, or allowed to remain on or in any trap or catch basin so as to obstruct the sewer. No person may injure, break or remove any portion of any catch basin, covering flag, gully grating, flush tank or manhole, or any part of any sewer, or do any act obstructing or in any way interfering with the use of any sewer or the flow of waste water through any sewer.
   (D)   A violation of this section is a public nuisance, subject to abatement and assessment, as provided in Chapter 94 of this code. The city may also issue an administrative citation pursuant to § 10.98.
(2001 Code, § 700.07)  (Ord. 19-02, passed 2-11-2019)