Repeat predatory offenders, predatory offenders who use physical violence, and predatory offenders who prey on children and vulnerable individuals, are predators who present a threat to the public safety. Predatory offenders are likely to use physical violence or force and to repeat their offenses. Most predatory offenders commit many offenses, have many more victims than are ever reported, and are prosecuted for only a fraction of their crimes. Moreover, predatory offenders often learn and evolve as they commit additional offenses, thereby making detection of their unlawfulness more difficult for authorities. This makes the cost of predatory offender victimization to society at large, while incalculable, clearly exorbitant.
   (B)   It is the intent of this chapter to serve the city’s compelling interest to promote, protect and improve the health, safety and welfare of the citizens of the city by creating areas around locations where children regularly congregate wherein certain predatory offenders are prohibited from establishing a primary or secondary address.
(Ord. 16-13, passed 12-12-2016; Ord. 18-08, passed 3-12-2018)