§ 153.433  EXCEPTIONS.
   The following signs shall not be required to obtain a license or permit for the installation of the sign pursuant to §§ 150.105 through 150.110, and shall be permissible in all zoning districts; these exceptions shall not be construed so as to excuse the installer of the sign, or the owner of the property upon which the sign is located, from conforming to the other provisions of this chapter, or the city code.
   (A)   Building markers;
   (B)   Noncommercial flags;
   (C)   Official or public notices issued by a court or governmental agency;
   (D)   One temporary sign six square feet or less in gross area located on property used as residential use and located in an R District;
   (E)   Directional signs that are six square feet or less; and
   (F)   Signs on bus shelters.
(Ord. passed 10-11-1963; Ord. 21-016, passed 11-22-2021)