(A)   Lot and building requirements.
      (1)   The following standards shall apply to all shorelands of the protected waters listed in § 153.411(A) within the city.
      (2)   Where the requirements of the underlying zoning district as shown on the official zoning map are more restrictive than those set forth herein, then the more restrictive standards shall apply:
Natural Environment Waters
Lot area:
Waterfront lots
40,000 square feet
Other lots
20,000 square feet
Water frontage and lot width at building line
125 feet
Structure setback from ordinary high water mark
150 feet
Structure height limitation
35 feet
Maximum lot area covered by impervious surface
   (B)   Substandard lots.
      (1)   Lots of record in the office of the County Recorder prior to August 5, 1985, which do not meet the requirements of division (A) above may be allowed as building sites provided that:
         (a)   The use is permitted in the zoning district;
         (b)   The lot is in separate ownership from abutting lands; and
         (c)   All other sanitary and dimensional requirements of this chapter are complied with insofar as practical.
      (2)   The minimum length of water frontage for substandard lots of record shall be 75 feet.
   (C)   Roads and parking areas. Roads and parking areas shall be located to retard the runoff of surface waters and nutrients in accordance with the following criteria.
      (1)   Where feasible and practical, all roads and parking areas shall meet the setback requirements established for structures in division (A) above.
      (2)   In no instances shall these impervious surfaces be placed less than 50 feet from the ordinary high water mark.
      (3)   Natural vegetation or other natural materials shall be used to screen parking areas when viewed from the water.
   (D)   Elevation of lowest floor. The elevation of the lowest floor, including basements, shall be at a level at least three feet above the highest known water level. In those instances where sufficient data on known high water levels are not available, the ordinary high water mark shall be used.
   (E)   Exceptions to structure setback requirements.
      (1)   Setback requirements from the ordinary high water mark shall not apply to piers and docks. Location of piers and docks shall be controlled by applicable state and local regulations.
      (2)   On undeveloped shoreland lots that have two adjacent lots with existing principal structures on both such adjacent lots, any new residential structure may be set back a distance equal to the average setback of the adjacent structures from the ordinary high water mark of 50 feet, whichever is greater, provided all other provisions of the Shoreland Overlay District are complied with.
(Ord. passed 10-11-1963)