Within the C Conservancy District, the following uses are permitted accessory uses:
   (A)   Garages, off-street parking and loading consistent with the use of the structures or facilities for which the parking is intended;
   (B)   Residential structures and related residential uses necessary for security and safety reasons in relation to a principal use;
   (C)   Storage buildings;
   (D)   Any incidental repair or processing necessary to conduct a permitted principal use;
   (E)   Temporary buildings located on the premises for purposes of construction for a period not to exceed time necessary to complete the construction;
   (F)   Decorative landscape features;
   (G)   The keeping of farm, domestic and native-to-Minnesota wild animals for educational purposes, provided that any accessory building used for housing the animals shall be located not less than 100 feet from the nearest lot line;
   (H)   Fences not to exceed nine feet in height and shall also meet all setback requirements;
   (I)   Satellite dish antennas greater than one meter (39 inches) in diameter. See § 153.396;
   (J)   Limited retail sales of merchandise and food consistent with principal uses;
   (K)   Windmill not to exceed 50 feet in height, provided the structure is located a minimum of 200 feet from the nearest lot line; and
   (L)   Entrance signs not exceeding 32 square feet in size at each entrance from a public roadway.
(Ord. passed 10-11-1963)