§ 153.265  PERMITTED USES.
   Within the C Conservancy District, no structure or land shall be used except for one or more of the following uses:
   (A)   Nature preserve;
   (B)   Horticulture, nurseries and farm crops;
   (C)   Greenhouses or similar horticultural structures (historic, scenic, educational and the like);
   (D)   Essential service structures, including, but not limited to, buildings such as a maple syrup building, agricultural aviary, corncribs, vegetable cellar;
   (E)   Playground;
   (F)   Trails and related trail structures, such as bridges, boardwalks and directional signs; or
   (G)   Stands for the sale of agricultural products provided the products are raised on the premises.
(Ord. passed 10-11-1963)