§ 153.235  PERMITTED USES.
   Within the I-1 Light Industrial District, no structure or land shall be used, except for one or more of the following uses, or uses deemed similar by the City Council:
   (A)   Conducting a process, fabrication, storage, manufacturing or wholesaling operation or providing a service involving any of the following products, articles or uses:
      (1)   Apparel;
      (2)   Artificial limbs;
      (3)   Automobile painting, upholstering, tire recapping and major repair when conducted within a completely enclosed building;
      (4)   Bakery goods;
      (5)   Batteries;
      (6)   Bicycles and toys;
      (7)   Boats;
      (8)   Bus terminals and maintenance garage;
      (9)   Cabinet shops;
      (10)   Camera and photographic supplies;
      (11)   Canvas products;
      (12)   Ceramic products using kilns fired only by electricity or gas;
      (13)   Cigarettes and tobacco products;
      (14)   Clocks, watches and jewelry;
      (15)   Cork and cork products;
      (16)   Drugs, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and toiletries electronic products;
      (17)   Engraving and printing;
      (18)   Furniture;
      (19)   Heating, washing, cooling, drying, cleaning appliances;
      (20)   Ice, cold storage plants, bottling works;
      (21)   Laundries;
      (22)   Machine shops;
      (23)   Musical instruments;
      (24)   Office equipment;
      (25)   Paper products from processed paper;
      (26)   Pet care facility;
      (27)   Processing of manufactured food;
      (28)   Radio and television repair;
      (29)   Research laboratories;
      (30)   Rubber and synthetic rubber products;
      (31)   Shoes, boots, footwear;
      (32)   Sporting equipment;
      (33)   Tools, hardware and small metal products; or
      (34)   Medical or dental laboratory.
   (B)   Civic center;
   (C)   Offices;
   (D)   Sports arena or facility;
   (E)   Veterinary establishments limited to domestic animals and conducted entirely within a building;
   (F)   Warehousing;
   (G)   Water softening units;
   (H)   Auto accessory stores, as regulated in § 153.382;
   (I)   Car washes, as regulated in § 153.382;
   (J)   Motor fuel stations, as regulated in § 153.382;
   (K)    Vehicle repair, major as regulated in § 153.382 ;
   (L)   Vehicle repair, minor, as regulated in § 153.382 ; or
   (M)   Small wireless facilities, as defined in § 95.15, that are located in the right-of-way, and comply with the provisions of § 95.24.
(Ord. 08-18, passed - -; Ord. passed 10-11-1963; Ord. 17-14, passed 11-27-2017)