§ 153.205  PERMITTED USES.
   (A)   The following provisions shall apply.
   (B)   Within the B-5 Gateway North Mixed Use District, no structure or land shall be used except for one or more of the following uses, or uses deemed similar by the City Council:
      (1)   Antique store;
      (2)   Art and school supply store;
      (3)   Bakery good sales and baking of goods for retail sales on premises;
      (4)   Bank without a drive-through;
      (5)   Barber shop;
      (6)   Bicycle sales and repair;
      (7)   Books, new or used, office supply and stationery store;
      (8)   Candy, ice cream, popcorn, nuts, frozen desserts and soft drink shop without a drive-through;
      (9)   Clothing store, but not a used merchandise store;
      (10)   Coffee shop without a drive-through;
      (11)   Licensed child day care facility;
      (12)   Delicatessen and/or dairy store;
      (13)   Drug store;
      (14)   Dry cleaning and laundry pick up, including incidental pressing and repair;
      (15)   Florist shop;
      (16)   Gift shop;
      (17)   Grocery store;
      (18)   Hair salon;
      (19)   Hardware store under 4,000 square feet;
      (20)   Health clubs under 4,000 square feet;
      (21)   Hobby or craft store, including classes not to exceed ten students;
      (22)   Jewelry sales and repair;
      (23)   Library;
      (24)   Locksmith;
      (25)   Meat market, but not including processing;
      (26)   Municipal buildings;
      (27)   Music store or music studio;
      (28)   Offices of a general nature, other than medical or dental, where the employment within the building does not exceed 25 persons and the operations do not include retail sales or warehousing on the site;
      (29)   Optical sales and service;
      (30)   Paint, wallpaper sales;
      (31)   Photography studio or camera supply store;
      (32)   Picture framing store;
      (33)   Shoe sales and repair;
      (34)   Spa;
      (35)   Sporting goods store;
      (36)   Studio for dance or martial arts under 4,000 square feet;
      (37)   Tailor shop;
      (38)   Tanning salon;
      (39)   Massage therapy services;
      (40)   Reflexology services;
      (41)   Furniture sales;
      (42)   Garden supply store within a building;
      (43)   Printing shop;
      (44)   Rugs/floor coverings store;
      (45)   Upholstery/drapery store;
      (46)   Wholesale office/showroom;
      (47)   Interior decorating studio;
      (48)   Appliance sales and service;
      (49)   Restaurant, café, tea room without a drive-through;
      (50)   Cell phone sales;
      (51)   Computer sales and service; and
      (52)   Video store, not including adult videos.
(Ord. 04-15, passed - -; Ord. 11-16, passed - -; Ord. passed 10-11-1963)