(A)   The physical design may include more than one building; however, should the buildings provide an open space between two buildings, the space shall not be less than one-half the sum of the heights of the two buildings.
   (B)   At least 40% of the street frontage of any lot must be occupied by building facades meeting the setback requirements. Other portions of the building may be set back farther than the setback requirements.
   (C)   The design shall include adequate internal circulation drives not less than 22 feet in width which are exclusive of the required parking area.
   (D)   The driveway curb closest to the development shall not exceed 26 feet in width, six-foot return curb radii, and be located not less than 60 feet from all intersecting streets.
   (E)   The entire area shall be landscaped, occupied by buildings or structures or parking areas so treated as to control dust. Should the development be undertaken in stages, all of the area required to conform to that portion undertaken shall be developed to meet the preceding requirements.
   (F)   A drainage plan shall be designed and approved for the entire area with the on-site under-ground construction as determined by the city.
   (G)   Wherever a B-4 Shopping Center District abuts, or is across the street from an R use, screening must comply with § 153.031(D)(4).
(Ord. passed 10-11-1963)