§ 153.172  INTERIM USES.
    Within the B-3 General Business District, the following uses shall be interim uses:
   (A)   Any interim use regulated in the B-2 District, § 153.157, provided that it meets the following conditions.
      (1)   The sales area shall be setback at least 300 feet from the Robert Street right-of-way and 150 feet back from any other street.
      (2)   The sales area shall not reduce the required supply of off-street parking below the required number of spaces for the principal building and for the interim use.
      (3)   Off-street parking required for the sales area shall be one space per 150 square feet of sales area.
   (B)   Temporary residential housing for the homeless provided that it meets the conditions outlined in § 153.054(A) and that the principal use on the site is not a single-family, business or commercial use.
(Ord. 17-09, passed 7-10-2017; Ord. 18-16, passed 10-8-2018)