§ 153.026  APPEALS.
   (A)   Appeal to Committee of Adjustments. Within 60 days after the decision of the Zoning Administrator, except in connection with criminal prosecutions for violations thereof, the applicant or other person or officers of the city affected thereby may appeal to the Committee of Adjustments by filing a written notice with the City Clerk stating the action from which the appeal is made and the specific reasons for the appeal.
   (B)   Appeals from decisions by the Committee of Adjustments.
      (1)   The City Council may review and revise any decision of the Committee of Adjustments, and shall review the decision upon written request of the Zoning Administrator, a member of the City Council, or any affected person. The request for review of the decision must be made to the City Council in writing within 20 days after the decision is made by the Committee of Adjustments. The request for review shall be served on the City Clerk or the Mayor. In reviewing the decisions, the City Council shall set a date for hearing thereon not less than 15 days after nor more than 45 days after the service of the request for Council review.
      (2)   Notice of hearing before the City Council shall be mailed to all affected persons, including the Chairperson and Vice Chairperson of the Committee of Adjustments. In all cases involving determination of district boundary lines, or interpretation of the text of the ordinance, ten days published notice of hearing in the official newspaper shall be given.
      (3)   In the absence of an appeal, the Committee of Adjustments’ decision shall be final.
(Ord. passed 10-11-1963)