(A)   Zoning districts. For the purposes of this chapter, the city is hereby divided into the following use districts and groups of use districts:
      (1)   “R” Residence Districts:
         (a)   “R-1A” One-Family Residential District;
         (b)   “R-1B” One-Family Residential District;
         (c)   “R-1C” One-Family Residential District;
         (d)   “R-2” Two-Family Residential District;
         (e)   “R-3” Townhouse 3-8 Unit Residential District; and
         (f)   “R-4” Multiple-Family 3-16 Unit Residential District.
      (2)   “B” Business Districts:
         (a)   “B-1” Limited Business District;
         (b)   “B-2” Neighborhood Business District;
         (c)   “B-3” General Business District;
         (d)   “B-4” Shopping Center District;
         (e)   “B-5” Gateway North Mixed Use District; and
         (f)   “B-6” Town Center Mixed Use District.
      (3)   “I” Industrial Districts:
         (a)   I-1 Light Industrial; and
         (b)   I-2 General Industrial.
      (4)   “C” Conservancy District; and
      (5)   “PD” Planned Development District:
         (a)   “PRD” Planned Residential Development District; and
         (b)   “PMD” Planned Multi-Use Development District.
   (B)   Map. The boundaries of the above districts are established as shown on the map entitled “Zoning Map, City of West St. Paul,” which is properly approved and filed in the Office of the City Clerk, hereinafter referred to as the “zoning map.” The map and all of the notations, references and other information shown thereon shall have the same force and effect as if stated in this chapter and are hereby incorporated by reference.
   (C)   Boundaries.
      (1)   District boundary lines as indicated on the zoning map conform to the following:
         (a)   Lot lines;
         (b)   Centerline of streets or alleys;
         (c)   Centerline of streets or alleys projected; and
         (d)   Corporate limit lines, all as they exist upon the effective date of this chapter. If district boundary lines do not follow any of the above described lines, the district boundary lines are established as drawn on the zoning map.
      (2)   Appeals from the Zoning Administrator’s determination and questions of doubt concerning the exact location of district boundary lines shall be heard by the Committee of Adjustments.
      (3)   Whenever any street, alley or other public way is vacated by official action of the city, the zoning district abutting the centerline of the alley or public way shall not be affected by the proceeding.
(Ord. 07-08, passed - -; Ord. 12-04, passed - -; Ord. passed 10-11-1963; Ord. 13-05, passed 10-14-2013; Ord. 18-12, passed 8-13-2018; Ord. 21-013, passed 10-11-2021)